Residential Services

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We figure out what's wrong with the computer on a technical level and how to fix it during the diagnostic. As well as investigating the cause of your described problem, we run a standard array of comprehensive hardware and software tests on every machine.

Express Service
Service Call
Recovery Disk Creation
In-House Setup
Data Recovery
Data Backup
Email Backup
Peripheral Install
Memory Install
Software Install
PC Tune-Up
OES - Electronics Recycling
Mobile Device Repair

Business Services

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Bundled Services

Anything you see on this list can be bundled up and served as a package for your business. We're flexible. Whether you need a contract or a pay-as-you-go service plan, we've got the options that save you money and boost your productivity.

Bundled Services
Network Support
Cabling & Wiring
Website Design
Software Installation & Upgrades
Computer Maintenance
Email Setup
Hardware Upgrades
VPN Setup
Requirements Analysis
Office Moves & Equipment Relocation
Secure Online Backups
Printer & Fax Setup
System Backup & Alert Log Monitoring
Configuring Remote Access
Internet Setup
Custom Software Development
Remote & Phone Support
Software License Management
IT Inventory Management
Wireless Networking
Office User Training
Now open later on Thursdays and Fridays - from 8AM till 9PM!

What is it?

Electronics recycling is a completely free service we provide on behalf of OES (Ontario Electronic Stewardship). All you have to do is drop off your old unused electronics and we'll do the rest.

Why should I?

Recycling your electronics is a great way to give back. Most of your old stuff contains materials that are still useful, so instead of sitting in a landfill they can be used in completely new goods.

Where do I drop off?

We now have a shipping container we store your electronics in, right in front of the store. Leave your items on the pallet by the door, we'll move them to the container right away.

What can I bring?

Old computers, printers, and televisions are the most common items, but you can recycle almost anything. For a more complete list - and more information on the recyling program - visit