Our history

The Computer Dr was founded 10 years ago by a then-17-year-old in his parents' garage. From such humble beginnings we expanded and kept up with the ever-growing need for computer services and sales. Now with a full showroom and incredible group of technicians we've become a familiar and trusted name in the community.

The business today

Although no longer run by a lone teenager in a garage, our stance on customer service has never changed. We push ourselves every day to have the best service possible, and we don't go home until the job is done right. We have the prices to compete with the big guys in Ottawa, but local is still our middle name, and we know the community like the backs of our hands.

Photo Gallery

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Now open later on Thursdays and Fridays - from 8AM till 9PM!

What is it?

Electronics recycling is a completely free service we provide on behalf of OES (Ontario Electronic Stewardship). All you have to do is drop off your old unused electronics and we'll do the rest.

Why should I?

Recycling your electronics is a great way to give back. Most of your old stuff contains materials that are still useful, so instead of sitting in a landfill they can be used in completely new goods.

Where do I drop off?

We now have a shipping container we store your electronics in, right in front of the store. Leave your items on the pallet by the door, we'll move them to the container right away.

What can I bring?

Old computers, printers, and televisions are the most common items, but you can recycle almost anything. For a more complete list - and more information on the recyling program - visit recycleyourelectronics.ca