We've closed.

As of 28 Aug 2018, the Computer Dr., at 778 Notre Dame St. in Embrun, Ontario is no longer in business.

Unfortunately, times are changing. With the introduction of tablets and smart phones, desktop and laptop computers are slowly going the way of the Dodo bird. In a small community like Embrun, it appears that most folks get their repairs done in the city.

Additionally, it's been virtually impossible to find/hire qualified, responsible technicians to allow us to continue doing business in Embrun. Rather than risk the stellar reputation we've built, I've chosen to close the store rather than risk putting out sub-standard work.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the amazing customers we've come to know in the past 6 years. One of the most difficult parts of closing the shop is saying goodbye to the many incredible friends we've made. My sincere "thank you" to those who have supported us for the past 6 years.

Scott Morrow

28 August 2018

Now open later on Thursdays and Fridays - from 8AM till 9PM!
Now open later on Thursdays and Fridays - from 8AM till 9PM!

What is it?

Electronics recycling is a completely free service we provide on behalf of OES (Ontario Electronic Stewardship). All you have to do is drop off your old unused electronics and we'll do the rest.

Why should I?

Recycling your electronics is a great way to give back. Most of your old stuff contains materials that are still useful, so instead of sitting in a landfill they can be used in completely new goods.

Where do I drop off?

We now have a shipping container we store your electronics in, right in front of the store. Leave your items on the pallet by the door, we'll move them to the container right away.

What can I bring?

Old computers, printers, and televisions are the most common items, but you can recycle almost anything. For a more complete list - and more information on the recyling program - visit recycleyourelectronics.ca

We can fix that.

Hooray! We now repair cellphones, smartphones, tablets, e-readers, and any other kind of device you might have. If your device is out of warranty or you have an issue not covered under warranty (water damage, cracked screen) it's often cheaper and easier to replace the broken part than the whole thing. All you have to do is bring it in, we'll do the rest and make sure you get it back as soon as possible. We're also expanding our services to include phone unlocking and iPhone/iPad/iPod jailbreaking.

What do we repair?

There's no problem we'll turn down. Screen replacements are the most common repair we do, but we have a dedicated technician devoted to working on mobile devices and by now we've seen just about every kind of problem. From simple battery installs to actually desoldering broken components and resoldering new ones, our level of expertise in this area is unmatched.

How much will it cost?

Not all models carry the same price, even if the job is technically the same (screen replacement, for example). Some devices are just harder to open up, and require more of our time than others. For an exact price, tell us about your problem and the model number of your device.

Non-replacement work

We don't only do repairs. We offer phone unlocking, meaning you'll be able to use your phone with any SIM card/carrier. We also offer jailbreaking (if possible, depending on phone model and firmware version) for iDevices and equivalent services for other platforms, like rooting on Android and Blackberry.